Not Dead Yet

Jul 23 2014

I know, I know, I haven’t blogged. Much stuff going on, most of it in my head, including how to finish up the Leverage stuff when I’m so conflicted about the finale and need to go back through all the posts and make them make sense, how to save Lavender’s Blue which I’ve come to the conclusion means cutting about 35K of the 50K I have and starting over, getting my kitchen finished now that I have FINALLY figured how to build the last of the storage, and about forty other things. The McDaniel classes are finished, so that was a sad/glad moment; new classes are scheduled to start (I think) in January, but don’t quote me on that. Talking with Alisa and Pam about doing a one-off class on writing the romance graphic novel which Alisa would teach (same class she taught at Fordham) and I would take because I nee to learn that stuff, so whoever got stuck in that class would have me asking annoying questions all the time. Generally just trying to sort everything out here. I’ll be back, I swear.

So what’s new with you?